American Firesleeve
Firesleeve and our other silicone coated materials withstands 500°F / 260°C continuous exposure; Molten Splash at 2200°F / 1205°C for periods up to 15 minutes and short excursions to 3000°F / 1650°C.

The firesleeve on this site can be used as a firejacket or as a fire sleeve to protect all classes of hoses and cables in any usage; such as marine firesleeve, industrial firesleeve and aviation firesleeve.

Our firesleeve products at a glance...
Industrial Firesleeve
Firesleeve Tape
Aviation Firesleeve
Firesleeve with Velcro
Firesleeve FireBlanket
Firesleeve End Wrap Tape
We produce Firesleeve with Velcro in 3 size ranges:

Small Diameters:  1/2" / 13mm I.D. through 2.5" / 64mm I.D.
·  Available in continuous 10 foot increments up to 100 feet
·  Use Sleeve with Velcro - S in the "Order On-Line Here" section

Medium Diameters:  2.75" / 70mm I.D. through 4.75" / 121mm I.D.
·  Available in continuous 5 foot increments up to 100 feet
·  Use Sleeve with Velcro - M in the "Order On-Line Here" section

Large Diameters:  5" / 127mm I.D. through 12" / 305mm I.D.
·  Standard lengths are in 3 foot increments up to 100 feet continuous
·  Use Sleeve with Velcro - L in the "Order On-Line Here" section

Please be aware that for larger diameter lengths, the weight may exceed UPS's package weight limit of 150 pounds.  Packages over 150 pounds must be shipped as freight, either as rolls or palletized.

For firesleeve with Velcro larger and longer than our standard fabrication runs please contact us for specific quotation and delivery.

Since the Velcro is protected by the fabric overlap, it is usually sufficient to use standard Velcro with Nomex or fiberglass thread.  High temperature Velcro is available.  We use genuine Velcro brand products.
Firesleeve with Velcro Ordering Considerations
Firesleeve with Velcro
Available in three size ranges:
Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L)

We carry a large stock of product at all times.
Most orders are
shipped same day if
ordered by 1pm EST.
100 Foot Lengths
By-The-Foot Lengths

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